My parents wanted me to be secure in life, being a dental surgeon did not give me that feeling of security. I would remember words of Commander Sanjay Kaul when referring to Helen Keller “that Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”. I had the desire to live.

Being associated with Commander sanjay Kaul , each day has been adventure. In other words if you get excitement in inconvenience, it is adventure.

We’re here to dare you to take your craziness to a whole new altitude

(whilst making sure its safe)

I got close to the Kashmir due his origin from there and have been following the turmoil there.

Cdr kaul would   always remain  disturbed and would say that he is  ashamed because when you know that things are going wrong and are not able to do anything, it is a miserable feeling.

In2009/ 2010 ,  the stone throwing incidents made us sit up and we decided that something needs to be done. It was very disturbing to see the youth with so much of anger , doing what they themselves did not know, the reason- the “why” behind all this. A close friend  who has been a victim of this is Mr Tariq Chalkoo,  head of department Physics at Baramullah degree college. He lost almost everyone in the family in this chaos.

Stone throwing incidents being the trigger, we decided to take  youth out from Kashmir and prevent them to become the feed of anti social elements.  He being in service, could not get involved in it while in service., He offloaded this to me. It was scary , inconvenient but something inside me made me take this challange. Hence started my romance with the adventure. We selected  45 including  five orphans, and five  girls from the most disturbed areas of Kashmir valley. Of course all of them Muslims and built a relationship with them, we showed them the other side of India.  started classes for them, nurtured and nursed them. I had to leave my Kirti Nagar home and stayed with the girls myself. All of them cleared class xii and 14 of them cleared AIEEE  and bagged seats in  good engineering colleges and few  of them got admission in  NIT on merit basis.  This was a miracle. All the money spent was hard earned money  with no support from any third party. cdr sanjay Kaul sold his piece of land and  flat in Pune. Today Kakini has changed the student psychology of the hundreds of youth from most effected area of Kashmir, where stone throwing was at peak at one time. A  year after,  most of the students who had come from these villages, made it to NIT. There was a great support from the locals like  Mr Gulam Rasool Bhat,( an eminent educationist  Mr Masoodi Haq and Prof Tariq Chalkoo. This is how the Kakini Enterprises was born. Profitability with purpose, the preliminary purpose being to support the  students from troubled states of the country and get them to the main stream.

The life became so hectic that I decided to take a short break , which could take me away from the mother earth for a moment , I decided to go for the skydive. “My first jump was a long wait after the rigorous training. Every territory ahead was unknown. There was different kind of feeling, was it fear, No… but heart was beating, at 4500 feet , I was asking myself why I was here, with these thoughts, I could hear jump master voice” GO” and something in me kept going and making me move out of the aircraft, something which was stronger than the gushing wind, stronger than the fear of height, stronger than any reasoning, and Then I jumped. The longest five seconds I have experienced in my life. I do not know what I muttered , what I spoke, during those five seconds, but I will remember those five seconds through out my life. I cannot put those five seconds in words but those five seconds taught me lot many things in life, which no school, no organization, no books , no movie , I mean no where in life will make  you learn that. It taught me, what is adventure, it taught me what is fear, it taught me about inner strength which everyone has but are unaware of, it taught me lot many things about myself, and above all, it strengthen my faith that , yes , you can experience heaven in this life only. And then the addiction started, I decided to bring this experience the civilian population of the country. And hence was born the first skydiving company of India – The SKYRIDERS. The company has been conducting skydiving operations across the country since 2011 and has an impeccable record of safety. The company applied for its own Air Operators Permit for skydiving from Ministry Of civil Aviation, acquired its own aircraft for  skydiving and prepared standing Operating procedures, Manuals, and dozens of documents. After serious discussions and demonstrations at DGCA and passing through tough scrutiny of procedures at every level, we were able Set precedence to attain the first Air Operators Permit for Skydiving in the country.  We are thankful to United States Parachute Association for guiding us at every stage. We also appointed all our skydiving instructors from USPA and  acquired state of art and most modern technologically advanced equipment, branded parachutes 

 It has been the  tireless efforts and working against all odds  to take up the  challenge to set up skydiving facility in India and making this available to the civilian population of the country. We  had to run from pillar to post and get approvals at every stage. Today we have conducted camps across the country. At one occasion our  parachutes were stolen by those who had failed to make a mark in the sport. But what kept us going was the  just the adamant attitude that why cannot this be done in India.


I believe that Entrepreneur has to be driven by passion – almost obsessive  – that will keep you strong and focused during the tough times – and that tough times will come , It is part of the entrepreneurial journey.  I call it adventure, it is pure excitement and it is real. 


Join us for some Airborne love and craziness.
( WARNING – Contagious ! )

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