Jumping For Charity

What is this ?

If you have a cause dear to your heart.Dare to Do something that You have never done before. Change the cause you stand for into an unforgettable experience with an opportunity to create a movement by Your skydive. We have seen the ‘ice bucket’ challenge and many others that have created a viral movement on the social networks.
Imagine Only the electrifying potential of a ‘skydive for Cancer awareness’ or ‘skydive for free education’ could do. But someone needs to make a beginning. Here’s your chance to make this difference for your cause. Skydive is a unique experience and has a huge social buzz value and with social media on the rise, You get an access to use this video with out any copyrights issue for all your cause related promotion. You may be just a passionate Supporter or you may be a an activist trying to make a difference or a Dedicate Patron to your cause, we think that a skydive for your cause what ever it may be, can make a world of a difference to make your statement loud and clear ,Godwilling.

How Much Do I Have To Raise?

You need to raise a minimum of Rs 50000

How Much Does My Charity Get?

The jump charges are reduced from the total raised and the entire remainder is send to the charity.

My charity isn’t listed – Can I skydive in aid of them anyway?

You could skydive in aid of them, however the final approval will be after our brief introduction and investigation of the same.

How do I raise funds ?

Once you contact us- we give you all the materials you need to raise up your funds. We will also give you a brief on best practises to go about raising this fund for your cause. You can dedicate this jump for your cause and we will give you a complimentary skydive video promoting this cause. We suggest you wear a T-shirt with the Charity name printed on it for your jump.

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