During your jump

What Can I See Up There?

YouGotta see it.

Where will we land our parachute?

The landing area is a grassland for a soft landing.

How will I feel when the parachute opens?

Our Parachutes are equipped with shock resistant technologies to minimise the impact of the opening. So essentially you will have a smooth opening.

How long does the skydive last?

Once you are out of the Aircraft it takes about 30 seconds to freefall and about 15 mins of parachuting.

Will I be scared?

Hmm! Good Question- Normally skydive happens from an aircraft. We generally fly upto 10,000 ft high- that’s about 1/3rd the height of a passenger plane’s cruising height. There we politely tell you to step out of the aircraft and force you to jump out.But we’re not too sure about the answer

Are the landings hard?

No. Landings are mostly soft. Experienced instructors make this as easy and soft as possible for a comfortable landing.

Can I breathe in freefall?

Well.argh. We can assure You that you will be surrounded by Oxygen around you. If you like to breath, you should. It’s a choice you can make though.

What if I’m scared of heights?

Overcome it. We’ll help you till the end of the road. Do check out what others have to say on our Reactions page and hopefully it will help you see why its worth it.

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