Before you think you can jump

Is it Safe?

With any sport there is an element of risk, but your safety is our number one priority. Crazyiskydive is governed by and affiliated with United states Parachute association(USP- the worlds largest and leading skydive governing body, which means that our Dropzone is affiliated with USPA, or Instructors by policy are USPA licensed instructors and our equipments used are only state of the art and imported gears sanctioned by USPA. With more than 69 years of experience in skydiving USPA conducts over 3 mn or 30 lakh jumps per year. In 2014 USPA recorded 24 fatalities out of 32 lakh jumps. That’s about 0.0075 per 1000 jumps. Tandem jumps have an even better safety record of 0.003 per 1000 jumps or an avg of 10 fatalities out of 32,00,000 jumps over the past decade. According to national safety council is person is much more likely to be killed by a lightning or stung by a bee.

If you’re looking for a crazy lifetime experience that’ll break you free from the prison bars of your routine, there is nothing on earth that can beat jumping out of an aircraft for the first time from 10,000 ft Skyfall -Tandem it is?

Tandem – High experience Jump HIGHlights – Tandem jump with instructor from 10,000ft high-1 hour training- 30 seconds freefall- 15 minsparaflight.
You jump from 10000ft with an instructor saddled on your back giving you a sensational Freefall experience before your instructor opens the parachute.The tandem jump needs only about an hour of training (maybe even less) and you are ready for your first jump.
you get you exclusive skydive video along with a few other surprise we have in store for you.

If you’re seeking an sensational experience while working in a budget- the Skyfall static line jump is uncompromised fulfillment

Static- High Value
Jump HIGHlight- SOLO jump from 3,500 ft high-2 days training- 3 seconds freefal-15 minsParaflight-You jump solo from 3500ft and static line attached to a hard point on the flight opens up the parachute you jump.The static line jump includes an intensive overnight Parachuting training Regime where USPA(United states parachutee association) licensed instructors train and prepare you to become a solo parachutist.
Here you will meet the crazyiskydive team and live the skydive life for a night along with your Crazy Friends in skydive An oral and written test is conducted at the end.
* Although we would love for everyone of you to complete the Parachuting training regime (PTR) and experience your skydive, but to ensure your safety the final ‘Go Jump’ must be given by our chief instructor after your Parachute regime and test.
– However if you are not allowed to take the static line jump you could opt for the tandem jump or we assure a 100% money back guarantee.
Dont forget you also get a video of all the crazy moments and your skydive at the end complimentary

If you have dreamt or even just love the idea of flying, Don’t miss this- know your first step to Freedom

AFF – High addiction
Jump HIGHlights – Solo training Jump from 10,000 ft-2 days training- 30 seconds freefall-15 minsparaflying
You jump from 10000ft with an instructor, But this time you do it all alone- starting from a controlled arch freefall to opening of parachute to maneuvering of the parachute.
The Tandem assisted free fall includes an intensive overnight Parachuting training Regime where USPA(United states parachute association) licensed instructors train and prepare you to become a solo skydiver.
After your first solo skydive jump you are given exclusive eligibility to the skydive fraternity with membership rights to the I skydive community as in static line An oral and written test is conducted at the end
*Just as in static line although we are passionate to see you experience your first solo skydive, to ensure your safety the final ‘Go Jump’ must be given by our chief instructor after your Parachute regime and test.
– However if you are not allowed to take the Tandem assisted freefall, you could opt for the tandem jump or we assure a 100% money back guarantee
Yes- you’ll get of those crazy memories caught on tape completely free of charge at the end of the your experience.

What is the altitude I will be jumping from in Skyfall -Tandem or Skyfall Pro-AFF?

Your Exit Jump will be at 10,000ft AGL(Above Ground level or normarlly the airstrip you will be taking off from).

How Long Do I freefall in Tandem or AFF?

From 10,000 ft @ approx 180kms/hr you will freefall for 30 seconds.

What is the altitude I will be jumping off from in Skyfly -Static line
Your exit jump will be at 3500ft AGL.

Is there a Freefall in Static line and for How long.
Yes. But only for about 3 to 4 seconds (Above Ground level or normally the airstrip you will be taking off from).

What happens after the Freefall?

The parachute is opened and you get to yell your guts out and enjoy the flight back for about 15 mins.

How fast do I free fall?

Approx 180kms/hr once you reach terminal velocity. Terminal velocity is the final speed you reach after falling.
Imagine a sports car roaring and picking up from the start line and eventually reaching 180kms/hr and that’s it. No More. At this time you’ll be afloat in the air at an almost constant speed.

How long does the aircraft take to reach upto 10,000ft

Usually it takes about 45 to 50 mins to 10,000ft.

Are there any age limitations or physical restrictions?

Yougotta wait till you are 18…

Are there any physical restrictions?

Yes, We strictly prohibit patients with epilepsy, heart problems, bone injuries/medical conditions or acute asthama to skydive keeping their best interest in mind. We advise you to consult your doctor and require you to get along a medical certificate before you jump.

If I am under 18 can I still jump if my parents sign for me?

Well can your parents sign up for your diving license before 18….sorry Kiddo.Hold tight.

Is there any weight restriction?

Yes. Tandem skydive has a Maximum weigh t of 220.5lbs/100kgs. Maximum Body mass Idex (BMI ) 30.0

What if the weather is bad?

Skydive is weather sensitive. So sometimes we do not jump. We will try our best to reschedule your jump to the closest available slot, For this same reason we advise you to keep a day in hand if your travelling from far. However If rescheduling is out of option we will give you a 100% refund of your jump amount. However we will not be liable for any other expenses you have incurred like travel, accomodation etc.

Which Aircraft do you fly with?

We Fly a cessana 172 Registered VT-MEH

Can I jump with my friends?

You can definitely book your jumps together on the same day but not on the sameflight. However with an exception to static line where we can try to arrange for you and friend to jump on the same flight. We do not guarantee this and it will be subject to availability.

How is skydiving/parachuting regulated in India ?

Crazyiskydive is highly governed and monitored by three bodies. As a Foreign affiliate of United states Parachute association(USP, we are pledged to the safety standards of the worlds most reknowned and accepted skydive governing body. Like an ISO standard for skydive. While as Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCensures safety standards governing our airworthiness and flight maintenance and Airports Authority of India (AAI) governs the airspace restrictions , But most importantly we believe that the best government will be ourselves. Safety being our lifeline we give extreme diligence to ensure highest safety standards are met. Non Mandated Initiatives such as hiring only foreign USPA licensed tandem instructors, importing Expensive and high quality Branded Parachutes and skydive gear, Hiring professionally trained skydive riggers to pack the emergency parachute every six months help us advance closer to our vision.

Do I have to make a reservation to go skydiving, and if so, how far in advance?

Yes, You are needed to make a reservation to ensure you got a jump on your cards. You can visit out website and click on ‘Go jump’ for viewing the availability of skydive or call us on 1800-3002-JUMP(5867)

What about transportation?

SkyDive Force- your ride to the Dropzone will Fetch you from Mysore City Bus stand. Please click here to check out the modes of transportation that can reach you to mysore.

How long does the entire process take?

With a training of about 1 hour and a flight time of an hour we expect you to finish up within 3 hours, However we encourage you take out atleast a day .

What will the skydive feel like?

We say, You got to Experience it for yourself.

How experienced are the instructors?

With over 10 years and more than 3000 skydives our instructors are recognised and licensed by United states parachute association (USP.

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